Leather Cleaning – Almost all of us loves leather but the elegance it brings to our homes may it be our sofa or our chairs is somewhat unappreciated. Not everyone can afford leather and those who can sometimes neglect that fact that leather can go dull and crack overtime. Time itself is not the sole factor, there are factors that can be considered like weather and unavoidable circumstance. Unavoidable circumstance like liquid spillage will take a toll on the quality of the leather if left unattended. Leather like all things will lose value over time of not being taking care of. There are many ways to preserve the quality of the leather and some of the things you can do to preserve it’s quality is constant maintenance and damage avoidance. By constant maintenance i mean, polishing and moisturizing. You can use a damp towel  and a brush to polish the leather and afterwards, you can apply a leather cream to make it glow and protect it from the elements. Due to the nature of the leather we can’t possibly cover every angle on how to it but there are general tips on how to clean them.

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General Tips on Leather Cleaning


-Vacuuming is harmless and is one of the best way to keep you leather clean. It doesn’t involve water so you are basically safe. Plus, constant vacuum will minimize the dust accumulation thus leading to a prolonged life span for the leather.

Avoid Liquid Spillage

– Have you seen those dark odd spot in a leather before? most likely, they stem from a long prolong exposure to liquids. Always wipe your leather if you see them being wet.


– Moisturizing will keep your leather supple and look more brand new. applying leather cream now and then will surely make your leather last for years.


-Always polish your leather using a damp cloth. Not to wet because too much liquid may do more harm than good. Avoid using strong detergent when polishing your leather. You can also use a brush instead of a dam towel but using a brush is only effective in some instances.

Using Detergent

-If ever you decide to use a detergent, use face soap or very mild soap to clean your leather. Leather is delicate and the ingredients of strong detergents may ruin your leather.

Furthermore, if you want to make your leather look brand new, you can always just hire someone from a leather cleaning company. By doing so you will be at peace because you know that your precious leather is professional being taking care of.

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