If you have pets around the home, chances are they will usually loiter everywhere.  They will play around the carpet or sleep on it sometimes.  It gets worse when they dispose off and urinate making your carpet really filthy.  It is during these times that cleaning your carpet is really difficult, even if you have enough tools and several measures to clean it.  There are homemade cleaning solutions out there which are very effective in carpet cleaning.  If you want something that can give you fast result, you may choose chemical cleaners available in the market today.  However, if you do not have the time, you can just call professional carpet cleaning gold coast to deal with this problem. 

Pet Stain Removal

You can make your own carpet shampoo for pet stains.  You can make use of this each time your pet loiter on your carpet.  All you need are ingredients that you can basically see at home.  However, if the whole carpet has been soiled, it is best to call a professional like carpet cleaning gold coast to deal with it.   

  1.  You can make a solution by simply combining dish washing detergent and ammonia together.  This is one good carpet cleaning agent.  Mix one teaspoon ammonia to one cup of water and mix them thoroughly.  Brush the solution over the stain and slowly remove it.
  2. You may also use citric compounds since they serve as effective stain removal.  To prepare this, you need three teaspoons vinegar, one half cup of lemon juice and powdered orange peel.  Mix all of these compounds and add some sodium salt.  Rub this mixture over the stain.
  3. Another good cleaning agent is vinegar and baking soda.  This will even restore that shine and luster on your carpet and aside from these, it is also neutralizes odor from the carpet.  To make this solution, you need two tablespoon of baking soda diluted to white vinegar.  Apply some solution on the affected area and leave it for ten minutes.  Afterwards, brush the area.
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