Tired of mopping your floor every time you slide your dirty rug a little? Tired of rug bugs dominating your entire living room and residing in your furry rugs all the time? Well give your back a rest because Happy Tradie Company, like always, have brought this amazing service for you that will tell you how to clean a rug most efficiently, without any hassle! Yes we will. Just read the bullets below and you will have a rug as clean as new without much ado:

  • Flip your rug upside down once a month and give it a shrug to get rid of any kind of dust particles.
  • The fringes of your rug do not need to be vacuumed.
  • Don’t use carpet shampoos or sprays as they can harm your rug and destroy softness of your rug.
  • Also, before using any kind of cleaning agent, make sure by using damp cotton that your rug’s color won’t run out.
  • You should make sure that you have cleaned the spills or stains and the cloth must be spurred in circle rotations.
  • To neutralize pet odors make sure you have used a mixture of one part of white vinegar and three parts water as the only liquid agent.
  • Make sure you have removed excess water from the rug by squeezing it from the rug’s nap, but never squeeze out more than needed, take care as this step needs to be done with utmost care.
  • Use a soft brush to wash out all kinds of dirt and filth.
  • Dry it with a dryer with mild warmth so it dries quickly without getting sticky or rough.

How to clean a rug2

It has been a decade since we are serving people worldwide and now it is your turn. Our staff is vigilant and competitive. They can do it for you in no time. All you need to do is make us a call and leave the rest on us. We will clear up all kind of dirt, dust and filth stuck on your expensive rug and also give you a bonus discount on choosing us as your first priority. Our customer service is 24/7 available and if you have any questions or doubts about our service then you can give us a call. We will be more than happy to help you out keeping the charges in your range. We charge according to your location and size of rug. We have recently started a new service package for Christmas holidays of cleaning one rug free with another to encourage your interest. Happy Tradie has never failed to make its customers happy and now it is your turn. We have explained you properly how to clean a rug so you can also do it yourself whenever you want! So just make your hit today!

How to clean a rug


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