Curtains can make any home elegant, but they are usually neglected.  They sure look very nice once you hang them up there, but do you realize the amount of dirt and dust they can gather?  If you let them hang in there for months and you try to brush them to let the sun shine in, you will see dust clouding up in circles.  It is at this time that you need to make a decision of whether to replace them or wash them. 

Nowadays, draperies are very affordable and this is why people commonly change their house decor and themes all the time.  Once curtains started to look faded or dirty, they will just purchase new ones.  Well, this is maybe good, however, there are still a lot of reasons why you need to clean old curtains instead of just buying new ones.

The Reason Why Curtains Become Dirty

Curtains become filthy because they serve as your barrier from the outside.  Once you open your windows, curtains will absorb all the dirt and moisture from the outside.  In fact, even if you close your windows, there are still drafts and cracks where tiny particles of dirt can get through.  Dirt and dust coming from air vents and ceiling fans also settle on your draperies.  Each time you clean your home, you are placing dirt ad dust into the air and a certain amount of them go on your curtains.  This is the reasons why you have to clean the curtains regularly or hire professional curtain cleaning gold coast to do this for you.

Once your curtains get dirty, washing them every week is a bit too much because it could only damage your drapes.  One thing you can do remove some dust and dirt off your curtains is by vacuuming them each week making them a part of your general home cleaning.  You may also use dusting cloths, static duster, feather, a damp cloth or use dusting tools that you can connect to your vacuum cleaner.

Regardless of the procedure that you have chosen, make sure to keep these important tips in mind. 

  1.  Always clean curtains from the top then, work you way at the bottom so that dust particles will fall on the parts that you still have not cleaned.
  2. Pay more attention on folds and hems since most of the dirt and dust builds up in these places.
  3. It is not a good idea to use a damp cloth, especially on light colored curtains.
  4. It is better if you can just leave the curtains hanging whenever you dust them.  If you cannot hold the curtains use a rod whenever you are dusting or vacuuming them.
  5. Make sure that you vacuum or dust curtains on both sides since dust particles accumulate on the sides.

If you could not clean your curtain for some reasons, you can always hire professional curtain cleaning gold coast to do it for you.

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