Cigarette Carpet Repair – There are many ways on how to repair a damaged carpet but one of the most hardest thing to do is to repair a burnt one. Besides the visible damage, there will be a burnt smell to go with it. Furthermore, a burnt carpet even just a small spot will make your carpet look cheap and old. It’s not just the burn that you have to worry about when smoking, you also have to worry about tobacco juice stains as well. The yellow/brownish markings are the cigarette/tobacco juice they are small in comparison compared to a cigarette burn but it is still visible. Ash marks from cigarette is a problem as well, they are the black marks coming from the ash of the cigarette. The ash mark is relatively easier to clean compared to a cigarette burn but the smell will remain in your carpet for days. One must have to take precaution when smoking near a carpet. are flammable and even just a small contact from even a small fire could result to irreversible damage. There are ways on how to minimize the damage and make your carpet look brand new.

Cigarette carpet repair

Gold Coast Cigarette Carpet Repair

Steps on how to do Cigarette Carpet Repair

  1. Vacuum – The first thing to do when attempting to repair your burnt carpet is to vacuum it. Vacuuming your carpet allows you to get rid of the ash and the burnt particles that was trapped in the carpet. This first step is necessary for you to complete the repair.
  2. Smell Removal – there are many ways to remove the smell of a burnt things but the easiest and cheapest way is to bowl lemon/orange peeling and let it stay in the room for a couple of hours. The smell of the burnt peeling remove the pungent smell of the cigarette smell.
  3. Glue and Scissors –  Cut the area of the burnt carpet make sure to only cut only the affected area. After cutting, you should use glue to hold together the remaining fabric. By using glue you will minimize the damage done by the cigarette.

If you are not sure on what to do after reading this you could just contact a professional cigarette carpet repair specialist to help you out with your problem.

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