The use of carpet shampoo cleaning method is in a long practice. These methods of using shampoo for carpet cleaning is used in both wet & dry carpet cleaning methods. They are not only used in professional carpet cleaning method but also in domestic ways for carpet cleaning. The carpet shampoo cleaning method with wet junction machines followed by wet vacuuming was in very much practice till 1970. Now, the method of shampoo cleaning has been very much De-notarized with the arrival of encapsulation.

Wet methods of carpet cleaning were formerly formulated by using vegetable oil soaps.  The wet shampoo residues were very much foamy or sticky, and sometimes they were tough to remove from the carpet. Since no removal is performed, the compelling residue traveled to owed scuttlebutt after cleansing.

When wet-shampoo immunology standards converted from vegetable oil soaps to synthetic detergents the carpet shampoocleaning was no longer difficult as before. The foam of synthetic detergents are easy to remove, & they become completely removed after vacuuming the carpet.

The main process of carpet cleaning using shampoo requires a lot of foam to generate in the carpet. Then the foam is dried & thus the foam attracts soil residues of the carpet. After a day the carpet is vacuumed with a purpose to remove both the soil & dried foam from the carpet completely.

When someone is using a carpet shampoo in order to clean a carpet with a shampoo, it has to have some features, which would make carpet cleaning easier. The shampoo has to have the ability to generate high foam levels to reduce wetting, the foam has to be very stable & it has to have high lubricity so that it can reduce damage to carpet fibers when using brushes. The shampoo foams, when dried has to have the ability to form a non-sticky residue.

Carpet shampoo as a cleaning agent is very mild but they contain optical brighteners which makes the carpet look cleaner & visibly bright.

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